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St. Aaulsberg

Notable events:Blue Devil Hills Outbreak of 2002
Current status:Under Quarantine

The City of St. Aaulsberg is a fictional city located in Southeast Ohio. It is located about 15 miles east of the Blue Devil Hills. Due to the T-virus outbreak, as well as the similar population and geography, The City of St. Aaulsberg is often nicknamed the 'Second Raccoon City'. Unlike Raccoon City, St. Aaulsberg was destroyed using conventional weapons.


St. Aaulsberg was founded as a small unnamed Catholic community in 1822 by St. Johannes Aaulsberg.


The City of St. Aaulsberg had a total population of 100,124 people, making it the 7th largest city in the State of Ohio. The city was composed of:


The City of St. Aaulsberg is located in the southeastern portion of Ohio, surrounded by thick forests and rolling hills. The city is centered around the St. Aaulsberg River, a river flowing south towards the Ohio River. Blue Devil Hills, located west of the city, is the location of many caverns, rock houses, waterfalls, small streams, and cliffs, and is a popular hiking destination for locals and tourists alike. Accidental deaths, suicides, and muders are not unheard of, because of the hard to traverse terrain.


The City St. Aaulsberg has a humid continental climate. Summers are typically warm, sometimes hot, rainy, and humid, and winters are cold and snowy, often bringing wind from down the slopes of the Hills. Spring and Fall are generally mild, however, the conditions often varies. Precipitation is moderate year round, with most of the summer rains brought by thunderstorms, and snow during the winter. Spring brings the most severe weather, often bringing in strong winds and rains and sometimes even tornadoes, while the fall, while sometimes bringing severe weather, is usually not as unstable as spring.

It should be noted that, although it is called a humid continental climate, does not mean that the humidity levels are very high, just that the humidity levels are too high to classify the region as semi-arid or arid. The humidity is generally at a comfortable level year round, with August showing the highest average levels of humidity.


The City of St. Aaulsberg was an industrialized midwestern American town whose economy was once dominated by the Umbrella Corporation. The city was an economic powerhouse for it's size, though not to the same extant as Raccoon City. Before the outbreak, roughly 15% of the cities inhabinants were employed by Umbrella, operating in its many legal buisinesses, (medical, computers) however, only a select few knew of the many illegal activities involving viral experimentation and biological weapons research.

Umbrella financed, at least in part, most of the city's infrastructure, including the modernization of the city's tram system, in a bid to improve public relations after the Raccoon City incident.


The City of St. Aaulsberg was run by a municipal style of government, with an elected Mayor and city council.

Mayor Theodore Fisher is the current mayor of St. Aaulsberg. First elected in 1982, he served nearly 20 years as the Mayor of St. Aaulsberg.





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  • The creator of this article likes to thank Queen-of-the-Living-Dead for giving him the inspiration to create his own city.
  • This city is the same city that is the location for a work-in-progress novel the author if developing, which was also subjected to a zombie outbreak.
  • The city's racial demographic corresponds to the actual demographics of Ohio. This is due to the creator wanting to create an average Ohio city.