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Spencer D. Thor
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1970
Gender Male
Height 5.7ft
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Producer and owner of B.O.W Wars and his ow line of B.O.W's
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Matthew Thor
Status Alive

Spencer D. Thor was a scientist working for umbrella. He had minor roles in the creation of many B.O.Ws, The most notable being the T-A.L.O.S project.

Creation of the B.O.Ws Edit

Mere days befor the death of T-A.L.O.S, He was moved back to his residence in Ontairio Canada, He had been told that he would be outscourced to a secret umbrella facility a few days later. However, that time never came as Umbrella was globally shut down, the next day Spencer got a few of his former collegues and his brother, Matthew Thor, and set out to find the final Umbella facility. While searching somewhere in the Sahara they found the facility in ruins along with a plant creature similar to Plant 43. The encounter with the plant led to one of his goup mates to transform into a variation of a Botanical Zombie, witch he dubbed "Cactus Zombie". He saw potential in the plant creature witch he dubbed "Plant XVII" and asked the government for a loan to research it. They were reluctant given what had just happened with Umbrella, but eventually caved and gave him the loan. the same people who went on the search became the reasearch team with himself as the head of it, they set up their main base of operations around the ruins of the Umbrella facility. Through cloning and a wide arry of experiments he came up with two viral agents: the RAZOR serum and the Animorph serum. through the use of the two viruses he created his own line of B.O.Ws, he also made a recreational facility In his home town where players could watch or take part in with or against the B.O.Ws in what Spencer calls B.O.W wars. Some of the more intellegent creatures where used for the military, and some are even kept as exotic pets.

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