Spearsly Mental Institute

Location:Unknown, Virginia, United States
Population:570 Patients

50 Doctors

10 Psychitrists

Current status:Active

The Spearsly Mental Institution is a large compound found in southern Virginia, about 50 miles out of Washington D.C.. It is here that Agent Abrams spent 4 years supposedly handling with his Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. He was ordered for release by President Arthur McMillian in 2003, the facility remained open.

The Head of Psychitrics, Dr. David Wellingher, makes a few appearances such as stating confusion as to why Abrams was there as he showed no signs of PTSD, and even more confusion to his supposed recovery. It is also revealed that this facility is near the Arklay Mountain Range, as a patient mentions them while looking out of a window, though this is never proven true.


  • One of the guards in the comic, refers to this as the Spearsly County Mental Hospital, though it is not considered a hospital, and Spearsly is a fictional county within Virginia.

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