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Resident Evil CD: Tribute to heros is a CD albumn ispirated in Resident Evil Heros.

The CD contains the next Songs:

To Leon S. Kennedy:

"I will not bow"- Breaking Benjamin

"Hero"- Skillet

"I Don't Care" - Apocalyptica Feat. Adam Gontier

To Chris Redfield:

"Hero"- Chad Kroger

"Not Beaten Yet"- Shanon Moll

"Black Clouds"- Adena

To Jill Valentine:

"Unbrekable"- Firelight

"Animal i've become"- Three Days Grace

"Just a girl"- Not Doubt

To Claire Redfield:

"Crawling in the Dark"- Hoobastank

"Still Alive" - Lisa Miskovsky

"Emergency" - Paramore

To Steve Burnside:

"Noots" - Sum 41

"Break Even"- The Script

"Time of Dying"- Three Days Grace

To Josh Stone:

"Inmmediante Music"- Fahrenheit

"T.N.T"- AC/DC

"Better than you"- Metallica

To Sheva Alomar:

"Africa" - Device Whit Their Dance

"Umbrella" - Rihanna

"Somewhere" - Heavenly Sword

To Albert Wesker:

"Sunglases at night" - Corey Hart

"My Plauge" - Slipknot

"Its hard to say im sorry" - Chicago

To Jack Krauser:

"Dance whit the devil" - Breaking Benjamin

"Bestrafe Mich" - Rammstein

"Im about to break" - Unkow Artist

To Angela Miller:

"Blow Me Away" - Breaking Benjamin

"Get Out Alive" - Three Days Grace

"Its ends tonight" - All Americans Reject

To Billy Coen

"Over My Head"- Sum 41

"Break Away" - Trust Company

"Toxic" - Britney Spears

To Rebecca Chambers:

"Savior" - Skillet

"Going Under" - Evanecense

"So cold" - Breaking Benjamin

To Anti-Biohazard Team:

"Bulevard of broken Dreams" - Green Day

"Not Afraid" - Eminem

"Nightmare" - Avenged Sevenfold

To Jessica Kenendy:

"Jessica" - QuiteDrive

"Seasons" - The Veer Union

"Smile" - Avril Lavinge

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