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Slicer - (κόπτων εις φέτας)
A Slicer Missing It's Jaw Displaying It's Machete
Vital statistics
Creator Dr.
Created By Dr.
Weaknesses Torso Damage, Decapitation
Status Active

Slicers are creations of the Adder Virus, a fast spreading, yet weak, virus,  that has it's roots in the formerly infamous T-Virus. These creatures, unlike their slower counterparts Necrozantos, were fast and incredibly dangerous one-armed corpses reanimated by the viral infection. These corpses appear to have had their left arm removed, whether by the virus itself or because of their rotting disposition, with their right arm sporting a blade, which appears to have had it's hand split in half to the right of the middle finger.


  • These creatures appear to be quite athletic, leaping from house rooves quite quickly.
  • Although faster than Necrozantos, they are weaker than their lumbering brethren.
  • These creatures may have first been made by WilPharma as a competitor to Umbrella Corporation's B.O.W.

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