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Sil Sinclair
Sil Sinclair
Date of birth:December 4,2008
Blood type:A
Height:6ft 7
Mass:195 lb
Occupation:Member of Division Delta's Mafia Force

"I remember when the mob was actually a bad organization to be involved in"

Sil Sinclair is a member of the Mafia Force, working for Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus. He is also the consigliere, as well as torture expert of Dean Miller and the husband of Hippolyta Drake. He also works at the club in New Raccoon City known as "Miller's Lights". He was born in a well protected area of the Bronx in New York during the world pandemic and he grew up fighting for the good of mankind. By his late teens and early adulthood, Sil met and befriended Dean, then together, they created a form of mafia that actually was into searching for Oswell E. Spencer and his remnants of the Umbrella Corporation. He also became good in torturing people suspected of being involved with Spencer.


By the year 2038, Sil while working at the club met with Hippolyta Drake, who he dated for 5 months before proposing to her. They married on June 2 and honeymooned in the Bahamas for 2 weeks.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While on his honeymoon, Hippolyta bit him and in turn injected him with T-Virus Alpha. The virus has given Sil enhanced human strength, speed, healing, agility, reflexes and senses.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Like other members of Division Delta, Sil also uses weapons whenever he has need of them.

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