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The Select Army Force, or for short SAF is a secret part of the US Army.

History Edit

The SAF is founded by the US government in 1997 to help the MAS in their purpose to defend the world againt Umbrella. Over the last few years, the SAF often helped the MAS in difficult and very dangereus missions, like the Racoon City Outbreak. Every SAF soldier can choose his own weapon from the list(see Weapons).

Hierarchy Edit

The four main parts of the SAF:

  • G.E.A.R. soldiers covers all of the general soldiers in the organisation, from Privates to Sergeants.
  • B.O.S.S. soldiers covers all of the officers in the SAF, from Second Lieutenants to Colonels.
  • F.E.A.R. soldiers are soldiers trained for use with a particular weapon, like sharpshooters.
  • G.H.O.S.T. soldiers carry out orders that the government wants to keep away from the main organisation. The agents can be called on for a multitude of operations.

Weapons Edit

  • Sidearms: M9 · USP .45 · M1911 .45 · Desert Eagle
  • Shotguns: XM-26 LSS · M1014
  • Submachine Guns: MP5 · Skorpion · Mac-10-Elite-MP · AK-74u · P90
  • Assault Rifles: M16A4 · M4 Carbine · AK-47 · G3 · G36C · M14 · HK416
  • Light Machine Guns: M249 SAW · RPD · M60E4
  • Sniper Rifles: M40A3 · M21 · L96A1 · R700 · Barrett .50cal
  • Rocket Launchers: RPG-7 · AT4 · FGM-148 Javelin · FIM-92 Stinger
  • Grenades: Frag · Flash · Stun · Smoke
  • Miscellaneous: C4 · Claymore · Knife · M2

Vehicles and Aircrafts Edit


  • M1 Abrams
  • M2 Bradley
  • ...


  • AH-1W Cobra
  • F-22 Raptor
  • AC-130H Spectre
  • CH-46 Sea Knight and MV-22 Osprey

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