Screamer - (ξεφωνίζων)
A Female Screamer, Presumably A Former Sunbathing Tourist, Inside One Of The Buildings On Effori Island
Vital statistics
Creator Dr. Yuri Baranov
Created By Adder Virus
Base Effori Island
Powers & Abilities Sonic Screeching
Weaknesses Decapitation, Excessive Torso Damage
Status Active

Screamer's were part of the many uncommon infected produced by the Adder Virus in an interesting DNA splicing caused by the chemical reaction within the blood stream to the virus. This chemical reaction caused the lungs to swell and fill with an unknown pus-like substance, that took over the body of the host leaving the host's mind completely destroyed, memories and emotions wiped out due to this, leaving only primordial instincts, such as hunt and kill, in the mindless corpse. However, this creature relied on a ear-splitting screech to deafen it's oponents, before moving in to attack it with it's claw-like hands. Often, the bone was found to be protruding from the hands, sometime sharpened to a point by unknown means, as the claws were often used to disembowel victims.


  • Screamer's are often found to be female, surprisingly, whom are often found near tourist attractions and such on Effori Island.
  • Screamer's Screeching can actually penetrate through ear-protection and can even break weak forms of glass.

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