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Created via:Unknown virus infection and unknown modifications
Based:Asian giant hornet
Length:50 cm
Purpose:Controllable bioweapon

The Scourges are bioweapons created in the Hamontree Biotechnologies.

Through deliberate infection of an unknown virus, the wasps were able to grow immensely. Scourges are able to control the amount of venom they inject. A full dose of a sting from a single scourge is more than enough to kill a human adult. Like most wasps, scourges lay their eggs in a larger creature for incubation. However, scourges were modified so that the young do not eat the host. A scourge would insert its ovipositor through the vagina and into the uterus of the host, and lay multiple eggs inside the human's womb. After seven hours of incubation, the eggs hatch, and the larvae will continue ingest blood from the host's endometrium until the host manually pushes them out of her womb. The pupa stage of scourges last only a few minutes, and become dangerous adults within moments.

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