Saxon Station
Country Located: England
Provisions: N/A
Leader(s): Minister Of Transport
Survivor(s): Marty "Piss-take" Price, Johnny Phillips

Saxon Station was one of the many London Underground stations built around 1902 to service the transportation method. In 2012, it suffered an unexplained outbreak of the T-Virus.


The station itself had a varied history, built in 1902 and first used within a month of it's use. It had the honour of having the last steam-pulled London train go through it in 1903, to much jubilation amongst the passengers of the line. For most of it's time around the 1900's and 1910's, it was used as a troop station, where a large majority of the British Army was ferried through to different camps and such. In both world wars it was used as a shelter during the early Zeppelin raids and then The Blitz, following which it was converted back to it's original use. For the rest of the 20th century it's history was rather bland, with the usual customary riots and protests occuring within the tunnel and station, mixed in with the occasional suicide. In 1990, it was installed with an experimental fire-prevention system, involving two large metallic doors sealing shut and shutting off the tunnels incase of a crash, effectiverly preventing smoke and fire spread.

2012 OutbreakEdit

On the 5th of September, during the rush hour that day, a package was delivered through a Royal Mail delivery van, the contents of which were used to substitute the vending machine's soft drinks. It was infact an untraceable amount of the T-Virus, which took three passengers ill. Before the ambulance service could arrive, panic broke out when the three infectees collapsed and then re-animated into Zombies, attacking and infecting several other passengers and station staff. Panic forced two of the infectees to two other stations, further spreading the virus. By the time the Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service and British Army was scrambled and had reached and sealed off the infected area, Saxon Station and the two other stations were swamped in the infected. The SBCS, cautious of taking risks, sent in two operatives, Marty "Piss-take" Price and Johnny Phillips, to investigate and relay a report of the infected numbers, although intelligence suggested there were far less infected within the station. However, Price and Phillips soon discovered that Saxon Station was, infact , overrun. The two operatives fought their way through a massive amount of the infected before reaching the security offices where they sealed the main tunnel by activating the fire-prevention system, sealing off the tunnels and preventing the infection epi-center, the station itself, from gaining more ground. The two held out long enough to be relieved by Elite forces from the SBCS.


  • The station itself was surprisingly left in a state of disrepair since the 1980's after budget cuts destroyed it's regular maintenance force.
  • The experimental system installed was originally included in a few Umbrella Corporation laboratories.

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