250px in max
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Race/Ethnicity White
Occupation Doctor Researcher
Marital status Unknown
Relative(s) Experiments
Status Deceased

Virus Creation and the ChildrenEdit

Saul who had no children used the copy of the G virus he was to make to create a Group of children as his own using others DNA or just the virus resulted in a group of failures. After eventually adding his DNA to the formula his first true child was made the first two were failures that he used to build upon and finally make his perfect dozen. This continued experimentation drove the man to insanity so he built the "Sanctuary" to be guarded by his lesser creations.

The Invasion Edit

After hearing of people entering his home Saul sent his children that guarded the "Sanctuary" after

 the intruders. When any of them were killed Saul would go and collect the bodies. His failure to revive them after all his children were killed drove Saul to the breaking point. Using his own Virus and parts from all his children he mutated himself into a monster to defend and then rebuild his "Sanctuary".

Mutation Edit

The mutation Saul underwent caused him to grow to 16' 7". He grew a second set of arms ending with large claws. Several tentacles burst from him back which attached too a power generator. When shot the generator would release electrical discharge into Saul stunning him revealing his vulnerable weak point just below his skull. After taking enough damage he further began to mutate into a more hideous creature. His back arching and normal arms growing massive claws 6 feet in length. His lower arms acted like a second set of legs or powerful whips to strike with the deadly claws. His face regressed into his body and mouth widened to massive size able to swallow a pair of oil drum barrels with ease. The generator on his back was pulled under his skin and the tentacles on his back gained bladed ends which he used to stab or slice support beams in his attempts to avenge his children. Edit

Quotes Edit

"Miss Valentine my only regret is not killing you."

"My dear you killed children innocent to the horrors of the world. They may have been made by a virus but it was also my flesh and blood that gave rise to there birth. Do you really believe this was for the greater good for all eternity we could have hide here leaving the world to crumble. But you decided to invade and kill those hopes and.. {Shot by Jill in the head} ..See Miss Valentine you resort to violence you are the true.. {Shot several more times by Jill}"

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