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My life nothing but a curse. Everyday, I lay in this cell. Everyday, they treat me like I am some common animal.-Sammael prior to excaping from the labs.

Sammeal, known formally as Tyrant T-203, is a human-based B.O.W developed for stealth purposes.


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Named after the Grim Reaper, Sammael is relativily small for a Tyrant. Created for stealth, this tyrant also displays extreme intellegance, making it suitable for stealth operations. Having no weapons of his own, Tony gave him a large scythe so he will be able to defend himself and a large, black robe to conceal himself. The scyth blade is made of a titanium-steal alloy, making it nearly unbreakable.

His intellegance exceeds far beyond even Nemesis, being able to understand conversations, and the ability of human speech. He was made for stealth, so he usualy stays quiet unless spoken to by an ally.

His skin, muscle, and organs are very transperent, making him look like a walking skeleton.


  • He is named after the Jewish angle of death, Sammeal. His transparent skin, organs, and muscles gives him the appearance of a walking skeleton.