Salem is a Tyrant that inhabited the Umbrella facility deep within Chicago. It has two massive claws but no heart and a tail. This tail is able to reproduce tinier organisms much like the G-Larvae but they are not able to grow. It can rip apart a human being just by putting a tiny bit of force on a human. It is well known for a move where it gouges a hole into its prey then fits its other claw in the hole and rips them in half from both sides. It is featured as a boss in the game Resident Evil: Horror Unleashed, a prequel to Resident Evil: No Way Out! which tells of a different outbreak which Kevin Coen was envolved in. This Tyrant was apparently crippled by Kevin but due to there being no report of its actual destruction, it still isnt confirmed: Dead possibly hinting at a reappearance. It is unsure who exactly created this B.O.W. but some Anti-Umbrella soldiers believe Exodus Hybrid may have had something to do with its creation. In one part of the game the first time the player sees the Tyrant is when it impales a R.E.X. soldier in the head and throws him agains a wall impaling him on a pole. Right before the outbreak was started the Tyrant was already released and when the R.E.X. special forces arrived to attempt to attack the base, the Tyrant Killed most of them leaving only five left and it was those five, that caused the outbreak. Salem only has one mutation other then its normal appearance, and this is where a giant tentacle bursts from its back. This tentacle has an instant death attack, where it can restrict the player so much, that the player falls in half. This B.O.W. was also the cause of Carla Lakers death.

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