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Ryuji Wong
Date of Birth July 1991
Date of Death None
Gender Male
Height height unknown
Race/Ethnicity ethnicity unknown
Occupation Japanese Police Force
Marital status marital status unknown
Relative(s) Ada Wong (Sister)
Status status unknown

Ryuji Wong is the son of an wong father from Chinese  and the older brother of Ada Wong. However ,both of Ryuji and Ada has spit up each other  before they were born in different countries because their parents tried to protect them so zombies won't bite them. And Ryuji never knows about his older sister,neither she do. Ryuji is in Tokyo,Shinjuka   Ryuji studied the hunter notes left by his parents regarding the secrets of Wong's blood and Ada Wong . 

"Even she is a crimson,I am justice,we're different jobs. Ryu-manager about Ada Wong.

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