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Date of
Created via:Exposure to the t2 virus
Height:5 feet
Purpose:Originally experimental

  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis continuity.

"Crabs! You've got to be kidding me!"

-Rose, when seeing the Rippers.

The Ripper is a mutated version of what looks like a Hermit Crab that had been heavily exposed to the t2 virus. Its entire body is covered with a thick exoskeleton and armed with a single pair of large, jagged claws. They can be found only on the beaches of Isle Alexandria and seemed to have developed a type of hierarchy. They make their first appearance when Rose and Chris scan the beaches of the South Seas islands. They are generally 5 feet tall, but can vary to sizes of 4 and 5.

Since Hermit Crabs are generally social creatures under normal circumstances, Rippers are usually found moving about in groups of two or three simply hissing and clicking to one another. Approaching them means that they will grab the player with their large claws and attempt to tear them apart. By shaking the analog stick, your player will be free by stabbing it in one of its many large eyes to harm it. Their outer shell is extremely tough to penetrate and can only be taken down by shooting them in the eyes. They are slow - moving B.O.W.'s, so keeping your distance is the best advisement.

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