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Andrew Robson
Date of birth:1980
Date of death:N/A
Blood type:B-
Occupation:Reverend Of Winston Borough
"By The Lord, Get Me Another Beer Quickly!"
―Robson, After A Visit To The Pub

Andrew Robson was the reverend of Winston Borough prior to the events of 2009, when the outbreak occured in the borough.


A balding alcoholic, Robson was a kind hearted soul who hadn't the stomach for fighting, hence the reason he had become a priest when he reached 18. His father did not approve of his career option and severed all contacts with him. Robson was given Winston Borough as his parish, quickly settling in and taking the time to memorize pub locations. His sermons were on par with average clergy men, although sometimes he was a bit to merry in his praise, making him the butt of many light-hearted jokes. During the outbreak of the T-Virus, Robson retreated from his church after being driven out by SILP members who sought shelter , into his favourite pub, The Blackened Mule. On the way there, he was attacked by a Zombie Police Constable Richards, who he promptly killed by stabbing him through the eye on with a piece of glass. There, he hunkered down with the pub owner Richard Mitts, Sophia Watson and Charley Jameson. He would continue to offer his clerical services, doing his best to keep the severely depressed Jameson's spirits high, though failing to do so. When Jameson commited suicide, Robson took loud-mouthed abuse from his fiance, who screamed at him that it was his fault he had died. When an SAS squad arrived, Robson pointed them to a van, where, with SAS help, he managed to get to the van with the two other survivors and escape the town. Afterwards it his known he contacted The Church Of England to tell them that he was still alive, also doing the same with his mother, the latter of which rushed to see him, bursting into tears when seeing him. It is not known what happened to Robson after the town was destroyed after the 5th June.

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