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Game playEdit


With the assistance of Barry Burton, Jill escapes Racoon City's destruction. Shortly after, the three (including Carlos) decide on what to do next. Barry drops Carlos off at a random town. Jill also departs soon after and, as she's walking aimlessly, spots an individual working for Umbrella. She decides to follow him.

It is revealed that a seemingly abandoned mine is actually an Umbrella facility. She continues to follow him, under the guise that she has yet to be spotted. Suddenly he turns round and opens fire. This is your first fight in the game. Once you have killed him go and steal his key card and enter the facility where you find an anti umbrella squad called the Silver Umbrellas who tell you that the complex had a virus leak and was deserted by Umbrella.

Shortly after, you discover that the facility was being utilised for Viral research. (Though that was obvious)

During the game jill will have flashbacks caused by events, such as seeing the umbrella soldier, These will mostly be of Chris howether a couple of Nickolai Mickial and Carlos are included as they were recent and traumatic.


common enemiesEdit


Zombies are met in most rooms, mostly in groups.



Umbrella SurvivorsEdit


T-103 (Tyrant)Edit

Saturn (Tyrant)Edit



Astock (Tyrant)Edit


Desert EagleEdit

Found in game

Benelli M4 Super 90Edit

Found in game

Solder GrenadeEdit

Found in game

M-79 Grenade LauncherEdit

Found in game on a corpse in a Fusion Reactor .

Important in game itemsEdit

Purple HerbsEdit

10 are need to combine with a Empty vile to make an antidote

Key CardEdit

Found on the person who you kill a the start of the game. Used to get into the Facility

Fusion Reactor PartEdit

Used with the wrench to fix the Fusion Reactor .


Used to open a gate near lab two.


Used to operate the Fusion Reactor.


Used for many tasks including fixing the Fusion Reactor.


Used for breaking a box with the Cog in.


Hidden inside it is a fire starter .

Rope Edit

when combined with a fire starter and the pouder will blow open a metal door.

Fire StarterEdit

Hidden inside a figure. Used to open a metal door.

Empty VileEdit

When combined with 10 purple herbs will make an antidote

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