Resident evil night fight 3 or RENFI for short is the second follow up to The first game & the Third installment

in the series. Similar to the very first game which takes place in a mansion Night fight 3 takes place on a

Small castled island in the North Atlantic where like most of the games in the spin off series has the option to

either play as a male or female character.

Gameplay Edit

Like it's two predecessors it has the same graphics & engine as the others. the player will venture a small island with a large amount of zombies & monsters but also solve gothic horror styled puzzles & traps

Story Edit

Two soon to be high school graduates Raven & Madison while partying on a yacht see a nude woman howling at the moon on a high rock cliff when Bat like creatures come out of the sky filled with dark clouds attacking the boat with everyone on it suddenly blowing up with the girls the only survivors. Meanwhile A british counterrist agent Liam Franklin along with his team are sent to the same island to investigate mysterious murders & Disapparances Encountering mutated hostiles later on in the game the main characters discover that the island is home to a young adult countess who had developed a project called the T Lycan Virus.

Creature List Edit


Zombie Dog



Hunter ZX

Water Slug

Water slug Queen

Skinless zombie

Skinless Zombie Dog

Hall Butcher

Plant Sack


Wicked Stump

Green giant

Grave zombie

Grave Lizard

Grave Man

Zombie Noble

Gemini Killers

Countess Rose

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