Resident Evil Night Fight 2 or RENF2 for short is a sequel the first ever spin off game of the RE series. The game features a entire new setting which is a cruise ship which would later be part of the setting for RE Dead Aim & Revelations with the location being in the Antarctic Ocean.The game had many references to movies like the abyss The thing & Alien.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay Remains the same from the previous one this time exploring bases islands & the ship itself while Fighting through Creatures mutated by the mimic a Floral Blob like being that can take on hideous forms while Possession A host. On the cruise ship you explore different arenas after exploring on land in which you face ocean & cold environments. In bases you can find health very easily Along with Ammo.

Creatures Edit

While mostly the Mimic serves as the main enemy some T Virus creatures have fused with it to create semi grotestque creatures.

List of creatures

Human Hosts

Mimic Dogs

Mimic Sting rays

Mimic Vines

Mimic Rock Things

Mimic Ivy


Sea Snake


T Hecate


Mimic Queen

Story Edit

Set 10 mouths after the 4th survivor Hunk Is assign a mission in the South Pole with a female counterpart to him called Lady Hunk where a scientific discovery about a New lifeforms is made by General Cortes the player has the choose to play as either one of the two Hunks fighting off victims & controllers of the infecting.

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