RENF or know in japan as Biohazard Survival is a Spin off game for the PS1 which has the

same engine & Gameplay as the other games in the main series. The game was Originally

going to be the second Game in the Main series but Capcom soon denied it making it a

spin off game of it's own with 4 sequels as well. Two playable characters are once

again A opinion selected either a Grow up Sherry Birkin now with Claire Redfeld's

love of Motorcycles or her Partner later Love interest Logan Degenerates.

Storyline Edit

Years after the destruction of Raccoon City Sherry Birkin now 22 Has join the R.P.D to help others fight against Viral Outbreaks. After graduating collage in the sister city of Swanswood she & a close friend named Logan Degenerates Are assign to patrol the city streets & rooftops but later split up due to a huge explosion now they have to fight through zombie humans animals & other Experiments gone wrong at the University of Genetic engineering & Splicing While meeting other surviving characters on the way. As the game continues the main villains is reveal to be A now undead & Living Annette Birkin who a new viral agent called the G Oblivion Virus which she used to infected all living things too destroy The entire city during the final battle in the escape root she is destroyed with a rocket launcher with the city being vaccine from the Virus.

Creatures Edit

Many of the creatures from the original RE 1.5 demo return along with some new ones such as the Zombie Horse Gasmasked Tyrant mutated Butterfly & Lumbless Zombie. Like most Resident Evil games each arena showcases the enemy's natural Habitat for example A zombie horse would be found either in the traffic road of at the State park Or like The Larger or smaller Mutant Butterflies found in a rooftop Garden. For water based enemies Infected & Genetically Engineer Killer Whales know as Tritons are introduced much larger than the Neptunes.

Creature List


Lumbless Zombie


Man Spider


Infected Gorilia




Zombie Horse

Infected Rat

Goliah Morph





Persephone Annette

Gameplay Edit

About 50% of the game shears the same engine as in the main series with a fine new features such as Throwing hand bombs & Using Rocket launchers before the final boss battle. players will go through a infected city to reach the university where the final boss battle will appear.

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