This article contains the essential guidelines that users of Resident Evil Fanon should bear in mind as they go about their business. This article is currently under construction and should only be edited by Resident Evil Fanon Administrators.

In no particular order:

  • Users should post only their own ideas of Resident Evil into Resident Evil Fanon
  • Users should keep within their own fanon
  • Users should ask permission before including creations made by other users in their own fanon
  • Users should respectively agree with each other if they want to merge their fanon temporarily
  • Users should use the set templates for Characters and Organizations in order to improve their own pages
  • Users should alert other users before they make any grammar or formatting edits to the other users articles
  • Users should take up problems with Administrators if they are having trouble
  • Users should not edit other users articles, unless consent is given by the respective users
  • One cannot edit or claim a weapons article as there own, unless said weapon is a customized variant of an existing firearm, or is a fictional weapon.
  • If one wants to create a fanon article of a canon character, organization, location, etc. Please specify as to which fanon it belongs too. Example: Zombie (AWpCR)

Also, please note that Administrators are here to make fanon too. They do not want to spend all their time cleaning up the website for others. Please be respective of your fellow users.