• Resident Evil : Hunk takes place on an oil tanker somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. You play as HUNK the U.S.S agent from Resident Evil 2. His mission is given to him by Jared Blately, his informant throughout the game.

Story Edit

Resident Evil : Hunk takes place on an oil tanker somewhere in the Atlantic that was once ran by Umbrella, used as a testing facility for new strains of the T-virus. The Agency took over this facility after the fall of Umbrella, and soon after lost contact with the tanker. Hunk along with 4 other agents (Crisp, Killer, Ranger, and Nighthawk) to investigate the loss of communication. They arrive by helicopter, being dropped off at the very top of the facility. HUNKs first mission is get to the communication tower and check the logs, along with getting a 01 clearance key card. He makes his way to the West Wing and finds that the entire tanker is littered with the bodies of the crew. He makes it to the communication tower and checks the logs. Finding out that the new strain of the T-virus had escaped, HUNK takes a 01 key card from a nearby body and leaves only to be attacked by the dead crew. He dispatches them with his TMP, and leaves the tower, encountering more undead on his way to the East Wing. He obtains a pistol along the way. He makes it to the East wing only to figure out that the key card will only give him access to the lower levels. He enters and begins to search for a 02 key card. He does not find one but he does find a whole in the wall and a ladder. He climbs the ladder and finds that he is in the 02 level of the East Wing. He begins his search for a 03 keycard now. He finds one, only to be attacked by a King V3 . He kills the B.O.W. and heads to the elevator only to have the power on this floor shut down. Killer radios in asking for help, but HUNK simply says the mission comes first. He feels a since of De Javu at this moment but shakes it off as he heads to B1 to bring the power back online. As he does so he is attacked by a Queen V3 and many infected. He reaches the lower levels and turns the power back on, using the stairs to get back to level 02. He then uses the key card on the elevator and takes the elevator up to the 03 floor only to have it stop halfway. He climbs out and begins to make his way up to the 03 floor only to be attacked by the B.O.W. known as Zeus. The Zeus B.O.W. is a large bird like B.O.W. with tentacles that form wings and a sharp pointed beak. HUNK

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