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Is an upcoming Survival Horror game. Is the first main Resident Evil series using African-American as the protagonist.

Plot Edit

"Your homecoming just a beginning."
―Capcom description

Players will playing as the car mechanic named Benny Anderson who grieved after knowing his older brother's death during the Dulvey Incident. To relieve his distress and sadness Benny's friend ask him to take a vacation. Benny accept his friend, When he enters the only entrance bridge, it collapsed because of the explosion by successive car accident, He awakes from his unconsciousness only for find all of his precious townspeople turns become undead. Now he must survive from viral outbreak caused by mad priest

Characters Edit

Benjamin "Benny" Anderson - the main protagonist of this series. He's the younger brother of David Anderson the deceased deputy in Resident evil 7: Biohazard. After the accident Benny survived from the swift stream and take his hometown to Videri. However he forced to survive from his mutatedtownspeople.

Father Emil Crowley - A former Umbrella scientist currently led the cult, The New Heaven. While he confronted with Benny he proclaiming himself as "Controller of Lives". He has a habit to quoting Aleister Crowley's words.

Creatures Edit


Ghoul - Are mutated corpses Videri Townspeople due E-Virus infection and the common creature will Benny met.

Slicer - One of B.O.W created by Emil.

Choronzon - A B.O.W created by Father Emil and his cult members. Its speed can becompared with hunters.


Nuit - Or Emil refer this B.O.W as "her". It is the tough and tenacious B.O.W which never stop hunt Benny, act as the Nemesis of this series.

Gameplay Edit

WiIl be added...

Trivia Edit

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