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"No man was ever given the chance or right to play God. No, that right, that chance, that role - it belongs to a monster."
Samuel Asphodel

Resident Evil 7: Doomsday is the sequel to

Story Edit

The story can begin with four different teams, which will affect your gameplay. Each team has at least one familiar face from the past titles in Resident Evil.

BSAA Storyline Edit

"The past keeps coming back to haunt me ... The only way to make it stop is by confronting it."
―Chris Redfield

If you choose to start with the BSAA storyline, you can choose any of the four aforementioned characters. The character you choose will affect your gameplay and role. The BSAA team members start out in Rheims, France. In the beginning cutscene, the BSAA say they have received intel that an outbreak will occur in the city and with the government's permission, they have begun evacuation of the area. As the last of the civilians leave, an unnatural silence is all that can be heard. Suddenly, the silence is broken by a piercing, inhuman screech. A wave of blood-sucking, agile, tentacled beasts, once encountered in Resident Evil 6, the Chimeras, are released into the once-tranquil city. Most of the present soldiers are killed immediately, but some manage to run and find shelter. At this point, the game begins with whoever you picked. The beginning enemies are actually the zombies, with the chimeri going to be later, harder enemies. After fighting your way through the blood-stained streets, you make a final stand at the Notre Dame Cathedral, and two new things appear on the HUD - a counter, counting down the time when the helicopters get here for evac, and a second health meter for the health of your shelter. These two new elements are activated when you enter a shelter, engaging in a boss fight against hoards of enemies, which is called Shelter Mode (naturally). Shelter health only depletes when enemies attack any of the shelter barricades, like boarded windows, doors, e cetera. The health of the cathedral is not vital to your survival, but you should take careful consideration of it, because if all the health is gone, it means all the barricades are down and enemies can approach from all directions. Inside the shelters, you can always find spare boards to repair the barricades.

After repelling the enemies long enough, the helicopters come in, wipe out the crowds of zombies and chimeri outside the cathedral, and pick up the four survivors. They arrive at the Europe base to discuss tactics. In the end, the Captain of the Europe Delta team, Bryn Triton, decides to send out Delta and Alpha team to secure Rheims and eliminate all biohazardeous threats. The roads are all barricaded down

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