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Horror Put to the TestEdit

Character DesignsEdit

Stanley Burnside:

Rani Chawla:

Sherry Birkin:

Manuela Hidalago:

Steve Burnside: (NOT MY DESIGN)

Claire Redfield: (HAVEN'T PLANNED OUT YET)


Chris Redfield: Similiar to RE5 BSAA outfit.

Jill Valentine: Similiar to RE5 BSAA outfit.

Plot Edit

This story takes place in 2015 with the main character being a seventeen year old boy named Stanley Burnside. Stanley is the son of Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside who wants to join the B.S.A.A. In the story, He will face the people who wish to harm his family and even learn more about his true self.

A chapter will be released every few days so be ready to see what happens.


Claire and Stanley

Stanley and Claire

"...And even though the brave knight couldn't fight off the evil witch's curse, he still won the Princess's heart...." Mommy said, closing the book.I looked up and asked, "Shouldn't love break a curse, Mommy?" She smiled and said, "That curse was stronger than that, Stanley." I opened the book and said, "Was the Knight ever a Daddy?" Mommy shook her head and said, "He never had the chance to be a Daddy." I sat there then asked, "Can he be my Daddy?" Mommy set me on the floor and said, "Bedtime, Stanley." I yawned and ran to my bed. I ducked under the covers and popped my head out on my pillow. Mommy came over, tucked me and gave me kisses. "Night Stanley." She said, as she turned on my nightlight and turned off the overhead lights. "Night Mommy." I said as I snuggled into my pillow. I heard her whisper out, "Steve..." As she closed my door. I drifted off to sleep with that name clinging to my mind.

Chapter #1Edit

Fallen Stanley

Fallen Stanley

I sat up in a cold sweat with that name clinging to my mind. I had been only five when I heard that name. It was still a surprise that I still had it in my mind after twelve years. I'm Stanley Burnside and I'm seventeen years old. I pulled out my red 'Let Me Live' shirt that Mom had made me, and a pair of faded jeans with a green tint, must be grass stains or something. I pulled on the clothes and pulled on my dark brown boots. As I left the room, I grabbed my dark blue jacket. I peeked into Mom's room to see she was still asleep with tissues all over the floor. Crap, she must have been crying again. She always seemed to cry on this date every year. It must be the day Dad had died. I went downstairs and stopped. Uncle Chris was on the couch yawning. He traveled a lot and would stop in at random times and sleep on the couch. "Morning Stanley." He said, stretching. "Hi Chris, how is Jill?" He sighed and said, "She's still suffering even though it's been six years since we saved her in Africa. I gotta relax. I'm meeting with the Umbrella Kids today." I sat on the floor and asked, "The survivors of Raccoon City and the ones that helped you end Wesker?" He nodded. I stood up and said, "Better get to school. Tell Mom that I have to study for a test and will be coming home late." He nodded again and I left. I hated school a lot but, if I wanted to join the BSAA, I had to pull a B average in school. Once the final bell rang, I left school and went to the public library. Hours later, I checked my watch to see it was almost eight-thirty. I chose to take a shortcut through an alley. I stopped when I heard growls behind me. Something let out an inhuman scream and charged at me, slashing my back. I fell on my back as the creature landed next to my head. I glanced up to see that it looked like some sort of lizard-human crossbreed. It raised it's clawed hand over it's head and brought it down. I watched as a man grabbed the lizard's arm and chucked it into the brick wall. Three more charged and all were smashed headfirst into the wall. The guy had red hair and green eyes with a black eye patch over his right eye. He was wearing a yellow shirt, black pants, brown boots, and a long dark blue jacket with 'HCP' on the left side. "Kid, you okay?" He asked. I nodded and stood up. "Thanks. What are these things?" I asked, tapping one of the dead creatures with my boot. The guy crossed his arms and said, They're B.O.W.s and you had better get home, kid."

Chapter #2

Steve Strangles Stanley

Bad Move, Stanley

I was staring at this guy. Who did he think he was, ordering me around? "Hey kid, didn't you hear me? I said go home." He said, while he studied the B.O.W.s "I don't take orders. You had better tell me who you are and who your working for or I'll get the BSAA on your as-" The guy grabbed my neck and slammed my head into the brick wall. My head was spinning and his grip on my throat was so tight, I was literally gasping for air. He took one hand off my throat and pushed the eye patch up. He opened his right eye and I nearly screamed. It was like staring into the eye of a demon. "What are you?" I gasped out. "I'm Steve and just who do you think you are, kid? Who do you think you are, kid?" He asked, while staring at me with one green eye and one that wasn't even human. "I'm...Stanley...Burnside." His eyes widened. He dropped me after which I ran for my life. His right eye reminded me of something Mom had found on one of the Terra-Save Missions. I got home and called out, "Mom? Uncle Chris?" I turned on the light and saw a note on the table. 'Stanley, Chris and i went to a Terra-Save Meeting. Be back around ten-thirty. -Mom' I checked the wall clock to see it was nine-twenty. Crap, I told that Steve guy my full name. That meant Mom and Uncle Chris were in danger. Maybe Mom has a phone number to reach her at. She usually keeps the phone numbers in her room. I went upstairs to her room to see the list sitting on top of a trunk she kept the corner. I went grab it only to have it fall behind the trunk. I pulled the trunk out and it fell on it's side which caused a book to fly out of it. I picked up the book to see it was my baby book. I opened it to see a piece of fabric on the first page that was soaked with dried tears. 'Rockfort Prison, Detainee 267' I've heard Mom talk with members of Terra-Save about that place and she always cried a little whenever she mentioned it. I ran to her computer and typed in "Rockfort Prison, Detainee 267" I found an obituary for a...Steve...Burnside?! That wasn't possible. Steve is a common name. That's when I saw his burial was sponsored by Terra-Save as a Victim of a Bio-Hazard and a picture of was a younger version possibly, no older than me of the guy that tried to strangle me. He looked exactly like me!! Suddenly, the door opened I turned around to see...

Chapter #3Edit

...Mom standing in the doorway. "Stanley, What are you doing in my room?" I glanced back at the screen and read to myself quickly, 'Claire Redfield fought the Supreme Court for permission to place an grave without a body in a cemetery founded by the Government for Victims of Bio-Hazards. She won the case and a tombstone for a Steve Burnside was placed in the cemetery. She was asked to read a speech about Steve Burnside but, burst into tears in the middle of the speech and was taken off the microphone. Her brother, Chris Redfield finished the rest of the speech.' Mom grabbed my arm and asked, "Why are you looking this up?" I picked up the fabric and said, "I found this in my baby book. Steve is my Dad isn't he?" Mom nodded and sat down at the end of her bed. "Yes, he's your Dad and he's dead-" I interrupted, "He's not dead, Mom." She shook her head and said, "Maybe you imagined him-" She was in denial. I yelled out, "I know what I saw. He tried to strangle me to death and he's not even human!" Her eyes widened. "What do you mean by 'He's not even human'?" I stood up and said, "I saw his right eye! It's like the eye of a demon! He's like all the others that Terra-Save found." I sat on the ground. Mom came up next to next to me and said, "Stanley, I'm so sor-" She stopped as banging from the front door echoed through the house. I stood up and said, "Mom, stay here. I'll go check it out." I went down the stairs and just as I reached the middle of the stairs, the door smashed into the wall in front of it. A very familiar figure entered our house. "Shit!" I yelled, as I raced back up the stairs. It was that Steve guy. I needed to get Mom out of here. I ran into Mom's room, slammed the door, and locked it. "Stanley, what's going on?" Mom asked. "Well-" I I said, "This is one way to prove that he's completely insane." I pushed against the door, hoping that would stop him. "Mom, I need you to get out your Beretta. The Door won't hold for long." I said, as the Steve guy kept pounding on the door. As Mom opened the gun drawer on her side table, both me and the door were sent flying into the wall to her right. She rushed to my side while holding the loaded Beretta. "Mom, shoot him now..." I said, coughing up a little blood. Mom stood up, turned and pointed the gun at Steve. But she was shaking the gun in her hands. She would never hesitate while aiming a gun. Steve noticed and kept going closer to her. "Hello Claire, it's been a while." He said.

Chapter #4Edit

I weakly stood up and said, "Get away from her." He had stopped in front of Mom, took the Beretta out her hands, and tossed it to my feet. I picked it up and raised it so that it was pointing at Steve's head. "I said get away from her!" I yelled as I fired the gun. He caught the bullet in his left hand. "I don't think so, Kid." he said, as he started to approach me. Mom finally snapped out of it and grabbed his arm. "Steve, don't hurt him. He's your son." She said as she pulled on his arm with both hands. He pushed his eye patch up and opened the demon eye. Mom fell onto her side. "Mom!" I said, running to her side. I turned back to Steve and yelled, "You freak! Leave my Mom and me alone!"I grabbed my head. Dammit, I always got like this whenever I got really furious and Mom would usually help me calm down. But right now, she was lying unconscious on the floor. I heard Chris yell, "Claire! Stanley!! Are you okay?!?!" I yelled back, "Chris! Hurry and Get up here!" Steve shoved me away, picked up my Mom, and jumped out the window just as Chris reached the doorway. "Stanley, Who was that and where is Claire?" He asked, helping me up. "That freak kidnapped my Mom! I've gotta save her!" Chris pushed me back and said, "We were warned that several Terra-Save members have gone missing in the last three weeks. Both Terra-Save and BSAA Members believe it to be the work of Bio-Terrorists. We have the niece of one of the missing members in the care of the BSAA. I'm placing you into the safety of the BSAA too. C'mon before more come and kidnap you too." He and I left my destroyed house. I saw his ride, a BSAA owned truck. We got in and were silent until I asked, "Who's the girl your protecting?" Chris answered, "Her name is Rani Chawla, she was visiting the states when her Aunt was kidnapped. Your Mom met her before the Harvardville Airport Incident in 2005." I glanced at him and said, "I remember that. I stayed with Rebecca Chambers while she was away since you were busy with your BSAA work at the time. Mom's leg was in a cast from a wound she got too." I sighed. Mom, I hope your okay.

Chapter #5Edit

Rani was a tall, thin girl with long, dark brown hair. She wore a multi-colored poncho over a black, long sleeve shirt, jeans, and gray sneakers. She had an orange barrette in her hair. I couldn't believe she was a year older than me. Jill Valentine ran into the room and said, "Don't get too comfortable, we gotta move again. I'll call when it's time to move again." Rani was silent as Jill left the doorway. She looked up at me and asked, "You know Claire, right?" She had an Indian accent. I nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm Stanley and she's my Mom." Rani sighed and said, "Aunt got taken by these men led by a redhead with a black eyepatch covering his right eye." I froze. That description sounded a lot like Steve Burnside. Why did Steve go after my Mom and Rani's Aunt then? I reached over to hug Rani and Jill popped her head in the doorway. "Time to move. The van is here." She said. I grabbed my backpack and my Mom's Beretta which I had brought with me. Rani and I followed after Jill. She put her arm in front of us. "Wait, these aren't B.S.A.A. Agents." I heard a girl laugh and say, "Your correct on that one, Miss. Jill Valentine." I saw the girl come from the shadows. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She wore a small red tube top under a dark blue shirt with black shorts and dark brown boots. She had two red bracelets with the right one having a gold locket hanging from it. She looked like she stepped out of a Fantasy game. "You had better hand over those two now. You don't know what your up against." The girl said. "I have a clue- Bio-Terrorists." Jill said, shoving me and Rani behind her. The girl laughed and said, "You all think that about everything. No, what your dealing with isn't even human." Jill looked back to see I was holding the Beretta. "Give me that gun, Stanley." She said, taking it out of my hands. She fired the gun. The girl dodged every bullet, even one that came too close to her head. "This is taking too long. Manuela, your up." She got out of the way as another girl got out of the van. This girl had the same blue eyes as the other girl but with dark brown hair and tanned skin. She wore a simple white tee-shirt, gray jeans, and no shoes. Both of her arms had bandages on them. Jill fired the gun again and it hit the new girl in the left arm. She glanced down at it before flinging her wounded arm at us. The blood coming at us suddenly burst into flames. Both Rani and me shoved Jill out of the way. "Jill! Are you there? SAY SOMETHING!" I yelled. I looked at them both. The first girl was laughing and said, "We had better retrieve those two." I grabbed the Beretta and Rani's arm and pulled her out the front yard. "Rani, come on. Those two are after us, not Jill. We gotta run!" I yelled. Rani realized what was going on and ran right beside me. "Shit, they're escaping! We gotta catch them! C'mon Manuela!" I heard the blonde haired yell. Soon the car was following after us. Suddenly, the van zoomed at us. I shoved Rani out of the way as the van hit me. I flew into the windshield and behind the car. Rani ran to my side. "STANLEY!" She screamed. I looked over to see the tanned girl who was about twenty feet away, raise her arm, and throw burning blood at us. I sat up and leaped in front of Rani. The blood hit me on my chest which was bleeding. It seeped into my wound. I doubled over in pain. I was getting furious again. The pain wasn't helping either. "What's wrong?!" Rani yelled. "Manuela's blood is poisoning him. If you don't come with us, he'll die of the T-Veronica Virus which usually won't accept males." said the blonde haired girl. "I'm Agent Birkin and this is my partner, Agent Hidalgo. We work against the people who have been kidnapping members of Terra-Save. We couldn't tell Miss. Valentine our plans and she thought we WERE the people who wished to harm you. Believe me, we don't wish to hurt you." I sat up and yelled, "Then why the hell did you run me over with a van?!" Agent Birkin looked embarrassed and said, "Sorry, we were ordered to bring you back to base even if it meant hurting you to protect you." I crossed my arms. "Okay, why do you need us?" I asked. Agent Birkin and Agent Hidalgo exchanged glances. "It's not really you we're after. It's more of Rani that we need."


My mouth dropped open. "Why Rani? What did she do?-" I gripped my chest as more pain screamed through it. "Rani has dealt with two major Bio-Terriost attacks one of which resulted in the deaths of her parents. They, who are called the Organization, believe she may have a rare immunity to the T-Virus. We also believe this and wish to test it in a much safer way." Agent Birkin said, crossing her arms. "What are you gonna do?" Rani asked, as she held on to my shoulder. "We just need a blood test." said Agent Hidalgo. Agent Birkin turned to me and said, "You had better come with us too." I weakly stood up and said, "Wait, I thought you didn't need me?" Agent Birkin looked away. "I did think that til I saw that you look exactly like the Chief of Staff for the Organization. I want to see if your a virus holder." Agent Birkin blindfolded me and Rani. We were then shoved into the van and it started up. I felt the Beretta was still in my hand. I had the other hand on my chest. Agent Birkin said, "You need to relax. It will hurt more if you try to move around." Rani pulled my head back so that I was on my back. "She's right, it's hurting you. Just relax, Stanley." She said. The car suddenly came to a complete halt. The two Agents pulled us out of the van and we went out of the hot, stuffy air and into cool, air conditioned air. One of the agents took off my blindfold. I looked around to see we were in a hallway with windows to reveal different scientists studying vials of viruses. "You create viruses?" I asked. "No." spoke up Agent Birkin, "What you are seeing are the creations of many anti-viruses AKA the cures to the viruses that have caused all this horror. It's even more to others..." She stopped and as she trailed off, put her hand on the window of a lab. The scientists inside were in hazmat suits and studying a vial with a purple fluid. On the sign underneath it said, "G-Virus" I froze. All the stories Mom had told me flooded back. All of them about a twelve year old girl named Sherry Birkin who's own Father tried to infect her with the G-Virus. I knew I recognized the name, Birkin. "Your Sherry Birkin! Your Dad created the G-Virus and you survived Raccoon City!" I yelled out. Agent Birkin turned to me with surprise in her eyes and asked, "How do you know that? I thought everyone forgot about little Sherry?" She seemed pissed at the end of her sentence. "My Mom told me about you-" I said as Agent Birkin asked, "And how does your Mom know me?" I then said, "My Mom is Claire Redfield, the one who saved you from dying from the G-Virus. She felt so bad that she left you behind just she could find her brother. But if she didn't, I wouldn't be here." Rani came up to my side and said, "Your Sherry Birkin? Claire told me about you too during the Harvardville Airport Incident. She said that you were scared at first but, you were brave as you faced all those zombies by yourself without fear." Sherry Birkin wiped her eyes and said, "I wasn't as strong as everyone else. I just ran and hid. Claire must be trying to spread lies about me...Wait, if she's your Mom that means..." I lowered my head and said, "Yeah, the Organization kidnapped my Mom-" I gripped my chest as I felt more pain. "Shit," said Sherry. "Manuela, We gotta get him to the Chief of Staff, maybe she can help."

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