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Resident Evil:The Search For SherryEdit

The sequel/companion game to Resident Evil: Alex Chronicles


This game takes place over five scenarios.

Scenario 1-The Mythical Herb July 19th, 1999Edit

The first scenario starts with Alex on a mission to get a mythical herb for Ozwell in yet another attempt for Ozwell to obtain immortality. After fighting a Tyrant called Lleviathan, he retrieved the herb near the Amazon. Leon S. Kennedy and his military training unit was in the vicinity when the outbreak in a local village, caused by Don Lamonte, to test the T-Virus,interrupted their training. Leon fights Alex, and convinces him to destroy the herbs, once and for all, which Alex does.

Scenario 2- The Estate July 21st, 1999Edit

The second scenario involves Alex Wesker heading to the Spencer Estate to speak with Ozwell shortly after destroying the herbs he ordered. Ozwell accidentally released the T-Virus in his estate, now in ruins. After getting to Spencer's private study, Albert attacks. Alex loses, and Albert throws him outside to rot. Alex survives and escapes. Albert tells Spencer that Alex betrayed him and took the herbs for himself. Albert goes on to say he killed Alex, but not before he destroyed the herbs in spite. Spencer laments, until Albert says the fourteenth and final Wesker child is a total success so far.

Scenario 3-The Organization Assassin July 22nd, 1999Edit

Organization Assassin Veral Hondra battles Leon to cover up Lamonte's experiment. Leon manages to defeat Veral, who escapes thanks to Dr. Miller, number 7 in the Organization. Dr. Miller reveals to Leon: The alive...Leon returns to a nearby base to reveal what had happened in the Amazon. He sets out with David Ford, a fellow survivor of Raccoon, who knew the Birkin family well.

Scenario 4-The Nagiri Compound November 30th, 2001Edit

Leon and David finally learn the whereabouts of Dr. Miller: A base in militaristic Nagiri, led by President Miguel Grande. The duo traverse the dangers of the compound to find the entire place riddled with T-Virus. Veral is defeated again, and Dr. Miller is gone.

Scenario 5-The Good Doctor January 3rd, 2002Edit

Aided by Alex Wesker, they locate Dr. Chandler Miller in the ruins of the Umbrella Arclay Training Facility, which had been fully stocked with B.O.W. for Miller's experiments.Dr. Miller's colleague, Dante Lopez, Number 10 of the Organization, took a stand. Dante is mortally wounded, but injects the B-Virus. He uses his new abilities, but they are not fully developed, and he is killed. Dr. Miller escapes with Sherry and reveals that Javier Hidalgo is an Organization accomplice. Alex heads to Russia, David heads home, and Leon is later sent on a mission where he and Jack Krauser eventually kill Javier Hidalgo.






Organization Soldier

Crimson Blood


Giant Spider

Infected Mosquito



Albert Wesker(Boss)

Veral Hondra 1(Boss)

Veral Hondra 2(Boss)

Dante Lopez(Boss)

Dante Lopez B-Form(Final Boss)

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