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RESIDENT EVIL: THE NIGHTMARE IS BORN or BIOHAZARD: THE NIGHTMARE IS BORN (in japan) is a thrid shooting person videogame realised for the PSP in 2007.



The plot is set in 2007 when Vector and his team are fired because of triying to create a new virus called Pyro or simply "P" Virus. fourtunatly the U.S. Goverment recives the alert of this new virus and Leon S. Kennedy is send to contain it, but now Leon is facing worst things whit his partner Jessica and this could be the begining of a new horor.


Game Modes:


RESIDENT EVIL: THE NIGHTMARE IS BORN. has the Mercenaries mode, every chracter has his own Stilish Move such as Spectre that has his "INFRARED VISION" and he is on of the few characters that dosnt have a knife in there arsenal.


Story Modes:

Story Mode:

The history mode features the story of the U.S Goverment Agent Leon S. Kennedy and his partner Jessica, their objetive is to destroy the new "P" Virus. but during the game this Virus begans to get more stronger than the others and lets Leon and Jessica thinking they never wanted to meet this new virus.

Trick or threat mode:

this new mode features Leon in his "nightmare" it can be mencionated as the "precuele" of the game. In this dream Leon sees a man dresed whit a hood and whit a gass mask and some other monsters such as a Dragon and a mand whit an strange mask.

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Leon's new partner Jessica

Leon re4


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