Is a TV series that explains what happened after RE: Disclouers and before RE: Uncut Files

Leon Kennedy - Matt Lanter
Chris Redfield - Brandon Routh 
Albert Wesker - Shawn Roberts 
Jill Valentine - Sienna Guillory
Rebecca Chambers - Spencer Locke
Sheva Alomar - Zoe Saldana 
Josh Stone - Idris Elba
Alexia Ashford - Rachel Nichols
Ada Wong - Maggie Q 
Jack Krauser - Manu Banett
Claire Redfield - Amber Heard
Sherry Birkin - Elle Fanning
Billy Coen - Timothy Olyphant 
Elza Walker - Teresa Palmer
Vector - Kyle Chandler
Yvonne Strahovsky - Cindy Lennox
Steve Burnside - Logan Lerman 
Ashley Graham - Hayden Panettiere
Jessica Kennedy - Isabel Lucas


RE: Showdown

Other Characters:
Kevin Ryman - Sam Worthington
Excella Gionne - Valentina Cervi

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