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Raccoon City

Map of Racoon City

Part One,8:00PM, Racoon City

"Why did you ever want to work the night shift?" Jacob Thomas moaned. His partner gave the same reply "Cause we get a little extra money." His partner,Frank Wilson, and himself where the top of their class. Solving more then 25 crimes and catching more than 50 criminals. "Yeah but it creeps me out. Some of the cases we've seen are unnatural. Unhuman." Jacob said. Frank laughed "Scared of the rumors about Umberrela?" "What!? No! That's all a hokes. Besides my dad works for them and he's a good man. "Yeah Henry is a good man but you got to admit there have been strange cases and a lot of people missing. Also the evidence points to Umberrla.' The radio in their cop car flicked to life. "We got a reported murder in a downtown apartment building. On Park Street. Address is 3182." the operator reported. "Too bad we can't smoke on the job." Jacob said has he got up from the hood of the car and flicked his cigar away. "Yeah too bad."

Part Two,8;15,Racoon CityEdit

Frank and Jacob arrived at the apartment complex fifteen minutes later and walked through the small worn doors. The landlord looked terribly pale and frightened and he coughed when they walked up to him. "It's the murder right? Upstairs. Second floor and thd thrid door on the right." his voice was strange and unhuman but maybe he was sick. "Thank you." Jacob said and nodded for Wilson too follow. They acended the stairs to the second floor and found the thrid door open. They where surprised to find Ashely Hunter, a fellow cop and Jacob's girlfriend, in there as well. "My God." Frank said under is breath. Blood was everywhere and there where what could hardly be called remains all over the floor. It was like the victom was ripped to shreads. Jacob kissed Ashely and said "What are you doing here?" "I was called to the case too." "What happended here?" Frank said disgusted. Ashely shrugged and Jacobs said "I'll ask the land lord." and he went back downstairs. He found the landlord hunched over his desk. "Um sir... I'd like to ask you a few questions." The landlord got up and walked toward the stairs. "Sir." The landlord turned claws extended from his hand and his face an ugly grayish brown. A claw lashed out at Jacob and Jacob drew his gun firing at the landlord. It stumbled to the ground and then Jacob heard Ashely scream. He hurried upstairs and locked the door behind him. They where looking out the window and there where a horde of creatures. Or what Jacob believed where zombies.

Part Three,9;00PM,Racoon CityEdit

"My God what are those things." Frank commented. "I have no idea" Ashely said frightened. "Get to the car. Go go go." Jacob said as he tried to be brave but he was scared as ever. They ran out the hall and stared at the landlord walking down the hallway toward them. "He's still alive?!" Jacob exclaimed. They fired at it but the bullets did little. They had one other option. They ran down the hall and jumped out the window on the other end. They heard the landlord wail after them has they landed on the ground rat toward the car and sped off once inside. "Where are we going?" Ashely asked as Jacob plowed through hordes of strange creatures. "My house." he said for the rest of the ride they where silent with fear. Finally the car screeched to a stop in front of Jacob's house. They jumped out of the car and ran for the door of the house. The screamed of zombies behind them. "Dad! What's going on?" Jacob said as he locked the door. "I don't know son. I don't know." he said. He had his M-16 with him and it was ready to fire. "Well have to hold the house." Frank 'said' 'when they heard the zombies. "Martha get Julia upstairs." Henery Thomas said to his wife and '''''daughter. They hesitated but then left knowing Henery wouldn't change his mind. "Frank. 'Jacob. Blockade the doors and windows." He loaded his gun'. and got ready.

Part Four,10:00Edit

Shortly after they finished blockading the doors and windows there was a thudding from all directions. Followed by ripping wood and horrible screeches. Henery fired his M-16 at the zombies. While Frank, Jacob, and Ashely used their pistols. Zombie after zombie was shot and killed some just got back up. Bullets blazed and zombies roared. Soon they would not be able to hold them. Finally while Henery was reloading his gun the landlord's claw came through a hole a cut him. He cursed a shot the hand still alive but iwounded. "Are you alright?" "I think so." Henery replied. Then they began shoting again. Suddenly the zombies backed away and then Jacob saw it through a small hole. A giant creature plodded toward them. The house shock. Again. Then again. "It's trying to break through." Ashely said fearfully. They all backed to the stairs. Finally it broke through.

Part 5, 10:05Edit

"Get up stairs." Henery ordered. They ascended up, but suddenly Jacob stopped. "What about you." "Afraid I can't son." "Why?" "This bomb can stop it or slow it down." Henery said as a pulled a bomb from his pocket. "But dad-" "You must go son." Henery looked into Jacobs eyes. "Take this and keep it away from Umberla." Henery handed him a vial. "Why?" "Just go. Oh and son." Jacob turned around. "Yes dad?" "I love you." The beast finally broke threw and Jacob jumped out of the window. A tear in his eye.

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