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Resident Evil: Playground is a story... It will be told from the 1st person perspective

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In the small town of Curium, situated in the New England area of the United States, in this universe Umbrella had not been taken down in 2004, which is the year this takes place in, and Uroboros, the Plagas, and etc. have been found at this time. In the cities local highschool, unbeknown to the students, in the basement viral weapons were being engineered, deadlier than any the world has seen before. <This will be updated as often as possible>

Main CharactersEdit

RE:Playground Characters

Notable EnemiesEdit

Cyclops MPT A recurring enemy

Licker Noir Alternate, slightly stronger version of the Licker, comes in Licker, Enhanced Licker, and Licker B variants

Grande Licker Noire A very large version of the Licker Noir.

Scarecrow Appears during some parts of the story, mini-bosses.

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