Resident Evil Operation Dark Winter Is A First/Third Person Shooter. The Game Is Told In 10 Parts, All With Different Release Dates. The Game Is A Follow Up To Operation Raccoon City.

Episode One Plot Edit

The Game Begins With A Phone As The Credits Roll, Footage Is Shown With People Running For There Lives As Something Emerges From A Type Of Mist

"Sorry To Wake You Sir, It's About Project Origin."

"What Happened?"

"There Was An Uprising, Umbrella Has Taken Control Of The Prototype."

"My God..."

"We Can Still Resolve This Discreetly But We Have To Move Fast."

"Oh...Alright, Alright, Uh...I'll Make A Few Calls."

The Title Is Then Shown.

A Cutscene Is Then Shown With A Limping Holding A Knife And Wearing A Mask. The Man Is Then Playable. As He Limps To Out Of Raccoon City He Falls Onto The Ground (Presumably Unconscious) And His Mask Falls Off His Head Behind Him Is The Burning Raccoon City. Three Weeks Later A Clone Of Jill Valentine Escapes An Umbrella Facility Simply Named "Valentine" Umbrella Operatives Vector And Four Eyes Are Sent To Find Her. Vector And Four Eyes Walk Thourgh Snowy Mountains And Encounter Infected And Infected Hybrids Throughout There Mission. Vector Remarks On How They Escaped Raccoon City


"I Know, We're Not Supposed To Talk About This, But You're Gonna Have To Deal With It If This Is Our Relationship Four Eyes"


Later On Vector Also Remarks On The Helicopter Ride, Meaning They Must've Escaped On A Helicopter.


"What Is It?"

"They Must've Had A Bad Ride, I Hope It Wasn't Uncomfortable Like It Was For Us"

"Don't Ever Mention That Again."

After Seeing A Pterodactyl (Possibly Infected Or Made With DNA) Vector And Four Eyes Run After It.

Valentine Is Seen Running For Her Life During A Cutscene, Her Hat Falls Off As She Is Running.

The Scene Cuts To A Flashback Of A Man Named Snake Eyes

"Colonel I've Found The Base But There Seems To Be No Sign Of Wesker"

"Keep Looking Alex, I Know He's There."

Snake Searches The Base

"Huh...Let's Do This"

Alex Sneaks Thourgh Before Finding Wesker

"Colonel, This Looks Like Our Guy."

"Prepare The Shipments By Tommorrow, Nothing Will Get In The Way Of Umbrella---"



"Albert Wesker, You're Under Arrest For The Illegal Distribution Of The Pharmaceutical Products."

"Am I Now? May I Ask Who You Are?"

"I'm Alex Shaphier, I'm With The C.I.A

"The Federal Government After Me? What Else Is New?"

"Surrender Yourself Now And I Will Promise You Will Not Get Hurt"

"Albert Wesker, Never Surrenders"

It Switches To Weskers Point Of View And At The Bottom Of The Screen It Says "Press R1 (Or Whatever It Is On Other Consoles)" Pressing It Will Shoot Him And Hit Him In The Eye

"Prepare Me A Helicopter, I'll Be Leaving This Trash"

Back To To Vector And Four Eyes They Chase After It. Vector Is Then Pushed Down. The Screen Goes Black And A Gunshot Is Heard And The Yell Of Four Eyes Is Heard "Vector!"

In The After Credits A Man Is Seen In The Darkness, His Mouth Only Visible And Says "All According To Plan" And Smirks.

Episode Two Plot Edit

Episode Two Takes Place Two Years After Snake Eye's Flashback As He Wakes Up In The Helicopter As Little Richard Long Sail Sally In The Background. This Is A Reference To Predator.

"Talk To Me"

"Snake, You're Not Sleeping On The Job Are You?"

"Technically The Job Hasn't Started Yet."

"Well It's About To Start, We Need Overview Your Mission, Just To Make Sure"

"Huh...Well Then Who Is Part Of The Backup Crew?"

"Uh...Jill Valentine And Dill Lilly."

"Never Heard Of Them."

"Em. They're New."

"We Have Reached The Area, Prepare For Halo Drop."

"Alright, It's All Up To You Now Snake, Good Luck."


The Green Light Suddenly Goes Red

"Begging Depresureisation"

Snake Eye's Is Played In First Person. Snake Eyes Jumps From The Plane And Pulls His Parachute, He Lands

"Alright, Lets Kick Some Ass."

The Cutscene Then Cuts To An Umbrella Lab, Two Scientists Are Talking To Each Other

"Ugh, Morning Ash."

"Oh Hey Paul"

"Hmph, Lab Seems A Bit Empty Huh?"

"I've Been The Only One Here All Morning."

"Well Thats Kinda Weird"

"So What Have We Got Planned Today"

"The Boss Hasn't Directed Anything To Us Yet"

"That's Pretty Strange Aswell"

"Should I Call Him?"

"I Don't Think We Should, You Know How He Is In The Morning, With His Plans, Bla, Bla, Bla"

The Camera Turns On "Engaging: Project Origin Experiment 1,0101"

The Alarm Is Set Off And Everything Goes Dark Blue

"Huh, What's Going On?" The Door Is Slammed Shut

"What The Hell?" Something Breaks The Door Open And Emerges From A Mist. Blood Splatters On The Wall And Screaming Is Heard.

Snake Is Sneaking Around The Forrest Until He Sees Jill And Dill, Otherwise Known As James.

"Freeze! Now!"

Snake Turns Around And Encounters Jill Valentine And Dill Lilly. Dill And Jill Tell Snake They Are Part Of A Backup Crew Here To Help Snake. As They Are Walking Through The Forest, Snake Tells Jill To Investigate The Noise They Just Heard, Which Jill Says Affirmative And Something Repeats It A Few Times. James Shoots The Creature With His Minigun Before A Brute Jumps Out To Them. Valentine Continues Running Until She Is Stopped By A Gun Being Pulled To Her Head.

"Project Valentine"

"Omega. And I'm Suppose You're Here To Kill Me?"

"No, Here To Help."

"I Don't Need Help."

"You're Gonna Need It."

Omega Follows Jill When They Encounter A Brute 2.0, An Enhanced And Abandoned Brute. They Both Beat The Brute So Decide To Split Up. James, Jill And Snake, Kill The Brute With There Guns. They All Take A DNA Sample That Turns Out That It Is In Fact, Not A Regular Brute But A Brute With Brute 2.0 DNA, Explaining Why It Looked Different. Lucan, The CEO Of New Umbrella Announces The New Brute, The Brute 3.0, A Hybrid.

For The Next Hour Of The Episode, You Play As Omega. The First Human Created By New Umbrella And Classed As The Sister Of Valentine, Alpha And Beta. Omega Learns That Alpha And Beta Were Killed By Lucan, Deciding To Hunt Him Down. Omega Fights Way Against The Zombies Before Encountering An Enhanced Licker But He Kills It. Omega Makes It To The Centre But Is Shot In The Head By Lupo.

"Omega Has Been Executed, Spectre And I Are Heading For Valentine."

Snake, James And Jill Encounter Four Eyes And An Injured Vector. Vector Had Survived The Gunshot, Explaining Alex Wesker Shot Him, Now Trying To Execute The Squad That Was In Raccoon City. Dill And Snake Go To Find Something To Heal Him, While Jill And Four Eyes Stay With The Injured Vector.

In The Post Credits Scene, Omega Is Seen Fighting Umbrella Operatives. He Turns To The Screen With A Gun And Says "Sayonara Mother Fu---" And Fires.

Episode 3 Plot Edit

ToyGoldenFreddy2 Is Yet To Write This.

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