Resident Evil: Graevf Files are fanon animations created by Jacob Graeff. They are not that great, especially the voices.

Resident Evil: Graevf File 1
Resident Evil Fanon Animation02:46

Resident Evil Fanon Animation

Umbrella has been hit with multiple lawsuits, but in Pine City Umbrella is still standing. Not for long. When a bioweapon is unleashed few men can survive. A cop and civilian try to fight the zombified citizens. A BSAA SOU is sent to help the people. warning: this is a crappy stick figure animation

Resident Evil Fanon Animation 212:43

Resident Evil Fanon Animation 2

After launching a gas bomb on Pine City, killing the T-virus, BSAA sent two agents to make sure the city is safe enough to clean up and let the citizens back in. But the city is crawling with E zombies and E Tyrants Jake Graevf Nick Graevf and the rest of their unit are called to Pine City to find them. They will find, not just the agent, but someone and something very bad. warning: this animation could be considered suckish

Resident Evil: Graevf file 2

Resident Evil: Graevf file 3 coming soon (Mayish)

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