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Resident Evil: Gambit is a fanon game collaboration under development Hyper Zergling and Mister 83. this article currently under construction. Mister 83 apologizes for the inconvenience


Gambit has uses a similar over the view during gameplay as Resiedent Evil 4 and five. Although slight changes where made to this view to give it a User Generated feel as if someone had a camera and was following the events. this feel is also The Down but not out function has been this mean that when the player character is knocked to the ground the can continue to while on the ground. The injury and treatment system(first introduce MGS3... i think) is featureed meaning there are no First Aid Spray that instantly resore health. Player have to find medical supplies and indivigually treat each injury with medical supplies. Example would be if Tammy gets a slashed by a hunter the attack causes a deep cut so player must stop the bleeding, use rubbing alchohol to prevent it from getting infected, stitch the cut and wrap the wound in bandages. Doing all of these would restore the character health. these injuries also effect how the game is played as injures like a broken arm will force the character to shoot one handed and decrease accuracy with fire arms as effect melee effectiveness. Broken legs in the same suit. A physic engine to add realism to the game. It allowes a more interactive enviroment. A stamina gauge and Stress gauge are also added.


Gambits Story is told through a Series of Four episodes instead of chapters. This is cause each episode has there own story.

Prologue: In the Beginning...

Opening cinimaEdit

(Narration)Raccoon City. In 1998 an Outbreak spread into the mutating the native populus into carnivious flesh ghouls or Zombies as most people prefer. Most people would look at the disaster a whole, but often neglect to remember the crushing effect on surviving citizens. The Story that is about to told detail the actions of 2 of its that know The Justice system from different sides. Tammy Jin a 34 year old Police officer in the Raccoon city police department as well as Mother of Dominic Lee, a man who the world will soon come to know. She is haunted by the failure to catch a serial Killer that has been terrorizing Raccoon City and The Arklay Mountains in the years leading up the Mansion Incident but universe has tendacy to present opportunities at inopportune times... Story Coming

Episode 1: A Gambit of Law and Chaos

Main Character: Tammy Jin

Story Soon

Episode 2: Truth From a Blank Expression

Main Character: Tammy Jin

Story Soon

Episode 3: Corruption of Faith

Main Character: Aiden O'Shaunghnessy

Story Soon

Episode 4: Highway to Hell

Main Character: Aiden O'Shaunghnessy

Story Soon

Playable CharactersEdit


Main AntagonistEdit

Secondary AntagonistEdit

The Children of Falcar

Major Supporting CharactersEdit

Minor Supporting CharactersEdit

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