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This takes place in an old town north of Berlin.The events take place 5 months after Operation:Final Shadow.This partners Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield.Leon is now part of the C.I.A. and Chris is still in the BSAA.Leon is equipped with an AK-47 and Chris is armed with an M16A4.They are partnered due to their skills and experience with bio-organic weapons or B.O.W.'s.Las Plagas was noticable throughout their investigation but none of the people were infected,leaving the pair baffled.They receive a transmission from the base that their orders stand,but why they both ask when there is no Las Plagas.The base suddenly goes silent.They decide to take a look at what happened.Leaving the town,they talk about what could be happening in the base.But none of their theories were right,the base was intact but the people are not so lucky.It was like an entire horde of chainsaw men were there.But they receive another transmission this time from an anonymous person and tells the pair he did what happened to the base.They ask who the person is and the person answers Albert Wesker.This suddenly jump starts Chris as he thought he killed Wesker.Leon was not surprised at all.Wesker said he's back and ready to take revenge.Wesker survives because of both his original virus and Uroboros,which turned him into more than a superhuman.The events of 2009 suddenly haunt Chris as his obsession to kill Wesker returns.Leon wants to stop Wesker once and for all.The two spent years and years trying to track down Wesker.They succeed.They charge at Wesker's hideout in North Carolina with Sheva Alomar,Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers.The team eliminate Wesker's Plaga 3 infected guards but Rebecca is shot in the leg.Rebecca tells the team to continue and leave her behind and she can handle herself.The team does it and kills more of Wesker's guards.They find Wesker holding Rebecca's head.Apparently,Wesker killed Rebecca when they left her.They fight a brutal battle but Wesker had a secret,he injected himself with the Dark and the A-B Virus.With four viruses in his body,he goes completely insane.Turning into a human-sized monster.A-B has all the left arm and legs.Dark virus has the chest and neck.And Uroboros gets the head,right arm and insides.The team attempt to damage the monster with little success.Four viruses have made Wesker almost unstoppable.They found something that could stop Wesker:Railguns.Now Wesker has grown almost 40-feet-tall.The team open fire on all sides of Wesker.Wesker is defeated,finally.They throw one last pipebomb on Wesker's withered corpse.Then the credits roll.

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