Jacob and Claire
"O noes, zombeezz!"

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&nbsp This is what I think should happen in a brand new RE saga for the movies.Well the only thing I like about the movies is the music the storyline and everything is crap and im not kidding.

Opening scene and the mansionEdit

1998.When it all started. The STARS are going to the Arkly Mountains.Once they get there Joesph Frost hears something.But thats the last step he ever took.Dogs come right after him.As the STARS finally hear his screams they try shootting.To late.A dog jumps right towards Chris but he's saved by Wesker the alpha team captain.They run toward a nearby Mansion and thats were the real nightmare begins.


Well after that theres just some differences from the game most doors are unlocked so the movie is not to long.Also Chris has his handgun,and instead of having a sequal when Chris meets Rebbeca she just tells him what happened and how she got to the mansion.As they get away by blowing up the Tyrant.Also it shows Weskers revive and fight Lisa leaving the rest for the next chapter.

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