Resident Evil:K-Tation Edit

GamePlay Edit

Human Mode Edit

In human mode, you are the weakest group of characters, but you are the only characters who can use weapons and have the most missions. Gameplay is "over shoulder view" or "first-person view".


.1.A. Basic Zombie Combat

B.Mutation Combat

C.Tyrant Combat

2.A.Mission 1:Tyrant-Investigation

B.Tyrant Battle

3.A.Kranom Romour

B.T-K Experiment
C.Krarant Assault 

4.A.Death Strike

B.Kranom Crater

5.A.Lab Rat

B.Rat in a maze
C.Rat, or mouse, Trap
D.The Rat Trap Reason

6.A.Pacific Base

B.Secret Refinery
C.Vadrix ShowDown

T-Group Edit

The strongest type, Play as a Zombie types(weakist), Licker(strongist), Hunter(varies, no set strengh), or a Bandersnach. Theres also purchesable Spiecials, Tyrant, Nemesis, Yarn, many more and there all UPGRADABLE!!!


1.A.Infection Training


B.Tasty, Bossy Man time

3.A.Kill me!

B.Death is me,
C.Final Battle!...


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