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The Renacimiento Research Company is a secret B.O.W research organization.

History Edit

Formation Edit

Renacimiento was formed by surviving Umbrellla biologists in order to research on every viral, mutant and parasitic agents created by Umbrella and TriCell.

Change Edit

As the founders died, a new objective has taken place on the new company ruler's head, B.O.W creation, since they had all of that information and samples on the older B.O.Ws, they runned several experiments, which would later turn into top-priority projects. These projects were:

Leviathan Project Edit

  • Source: Viral and parasites administration in blue whale specimens.
  • Purpose: To create an anti-ship B.O.W.
  • Best specimen: Leviathan NE-type.
  • Status: Active/Success.

Titan Project Edit

  • Source: Viral administration in El Gigante Plaga specimens.
  • Purpose: To create an anti-structure B.O.W.
  • Best specimen: Titan T-type.
  • Status: Unactive/Failure.

ANT Project Edit

  • Source: Anti-virus strain administration in human specimens.
  • Purpose: To create anti-viral infection humans.
  • Best specimen: ANT 3.
  • Status: Active/Success.

DEITY Project Edit

  • Source: T-virus administration in bio-engineered human specimens.
  • Purpose: To create the supreme B.O.W.
  • Best specimen: .
  • Status: Active.

Facilities Edit

Fox Town Research Facility Edit

A research facility located on the undergrounds of Fox Town, it was used for many experiments before its descruction in a terrorist attack.

Fox Mountains Military Facility Edit

A research facility located on the undergrounds of Fox Mountains, it is used for training military troops and agents.

Poseidon Research Facility Edit

A sub-aquatic facility full of water tanks and advanced laboratories for researching on aquatic B.O.W. This facility has been destroyed in order to stop the Leviathan U-type from escaping.

ANT Research Facility Edit

A small facility located in an unnamed sub-tropical island, which was used to create and train the ANT units.

Antartida Research Facility Edit

A huge underground facility located in antartida, it is used for most experiments and research.

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