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Created Before 2004
Created By William Birkin (2003-2005), 0swell E. Spencer (2037)
Creation Plaga Implantation Experimentation
Based Human
Height/Length 7ft 5
Purpose Test Subject
Status Terminated (As of 2005) (Created in 2037)

A Regenerador is a creature that was created by William Birkin of Umbrella Corporation in 2003, however there were not many of them around and they were killed by Leon Kennedy. They were said to have been destroyed, however by 2008, Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus, while under the command of George Raincoat stumbled across several within Dallas,Texas and managed to destroy the Regeneradors with RPG-7s.


A Regenerador is a monster created by inhumane augmentations, utilizing the Plaga and human test subjects. Regeneradores are named for their artificially created high metabolism. If a Regenerador is injured, small tentacles sprout from the wound and appear to 'knit' new flesh, recreating entire limbs within seconds. This allows the Regenerador to recover from bullet wounds, lost limbs, decapitation, loss of lower body or even loss of the entire upper torso with little loss of overall health.

The Regenerador appears as a large vaguely human-shaped creature covered in hairless, seemingly-rough, gray skin. Their mouths are large, taking up most of their otherwise-featureless faces, and are filled with needle-like teeth which force the Regenerador into a grin. Although they are usually slow, walking with a distinctive, unnerving, palsied gait, Regeneradores are capable of frightening bursts of speed when attacking, viciously slashing and biting, and stretching their arms to unnatural lengths to grab their prey. A Regenerador may randomly run at the player and knock Leon down with its powerful arms, which is incredibly frightening to the player as it will happen randomly and quickly.

Regeneradores are inhumanly flexible as they can be knocked back into impossible positions that would snap the spine of any human, bringing themselves up with ease, suggesting the absence of a conventional skeletal system. They can also stretch limbs to extreme length in order to grab their prey and when their legs are blown away they can move forward very quickly by slamming themselves toward the ground causing them to jump forward. This is all possible due to their bodies almost completely, if not entirely, consisting of pure muscle manipulated by the leech-like Plagas hiding in its body. The presence of a Regenerador nearby can be instantly detected by the sound of their erratic and strained breathing. Their accompanying musical theme when they spot the player only adds to their frightening demeanor.


By 2037, Oswell E. Spencer and his remnants of the Umbrella Corporation managed to create many more of the Regeneradors to combat Michael Franklin Miller and Division Delta.

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