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Reaper X
Tdc (177)

Date of
Created via:Unknown method of infection
Height:Around 7 feet

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"Oh God...what the hell is that thing?!"

-Claire, when the Reaper X makes its first appearance.

Kijuju Incident Edit

Reapers were first featured in Resident Evil: 5; they are a mutagenically modified insectoids, resembling giant humanoid cockroaches. Standing upright at around seven feet, they have four upper body claws that they use as arms, as well as two legs. Reapers were first introduced as accidentally exposed insects to the Uroboros virus at the TriCell African Research Facility and released.

2012 Creation Edit

Alex had expressed interest in the Reaper model despite it being labeled as an accident due to its ability to regenerate its missing limbs. The method of recreating the Reaper proved to be much more difficult than Alex had intended; they had been exposed to the Uroboros virus as an accident; since most of the informations had been destroyed, there was no recorded research for them for Alex to use. Instead, he discovered a vague file that had been recorded in TriCell's documents and his scientists
attempted to recreate this as well. Their efforts proved fruitful in the end when the first human test subject was born.

The creature itself seems to bear more human traits than insect and its human body had become completely destroyed due to the unstable mutations. It seems to understand basic commands thought is constantly screaming in pain from its physical transformation, making them very easy to track down even when they are unseen.

When they are killed, they sigh as if in great relief. Severing their limbs can cripple them, just like the Reaper, but instead, they regenerate much more rapidly due to the constant twitching of their bodies and the much more rapid firing of their nervous systems.

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