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Raymond Fallah
Date of Birth August 18th,1961
Date of Death N\A
Gender Male
Height 5'11'
Race/Ethnicity Half Lebanese Half German
Occupation Member of the Scorpia Syndicate
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Anthony Fallah[Son]
Status Alive

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Raymond Fallah is a high ranking member of the Scorpia Syndicate and is also the general manager of raccoon city wrestling federation with this he has gained many wrestlers to the syndicates cause.He is extremely loyal and will aid their goals of world domination at any cost.He and his son Anthony[Born May 26th 1984] Are seen talking to Albert wesker about a computer chip while Claire tires to slip away he captures her and throws her in a cell which is being slowly deprived of oxygen she breaks out and investigates them she then realizes the scorpia syndicate plan to bomb Calle island the financial district of Raccoon City this would cause the economy to slowly grind to a halt he plans to use the distraction to release a bomb made of sarin into the suway system.She along with Sheeva Alomar are knocked out by a mysterious women who is in league with fallah. She is later revealed to be Angie Gionne Excella Gionnes Twin Sister.Angie then puts her in a torture device which will break her neck if she fails to get out within the time limit she does and tracks down Angie to a Gentlemens club run by Raymond whre she gets into a shootout killing angie.Raymond and Anthony then send Russian Assasin Marcus Gregroivich after her but he betrays them repents of his evil sins and lunges at the fallahs but is ruthlessly gun down by Anthony.Clarie then gets into a fight with anthony but claire wins and breaks his neck.She then shoots Raymond in the leg which leads to him being arrested but he somehow get out of his cuffs and runs off into the woods.It is revealed at the end of the game that the head of the scorpia syndicate albert wesker has given him a prosthetic Arm because his arm was severed by a Triad thugs Chainsaw[The Triads are in league with the scorpia syndicate and had amputated his arm as punishment]

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