Raven Goldman
Date of Birth 1979
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 6.5ft
Race/Ethnicity Vincent Goldman-older brother
Occupation N/A
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Alive

""They speak to me, they tell me my Goal"


―Raven muttering to Night

Raven is a shadowy character often manipulating things from behind the scenes. Raven claims that is goal is to simply wipe out anyone or thing that interfears with his as of yet unrevealed plans. He carries an XIX Magnum. He also speaks fluently in Japanese.

See also: Raven's Diary

Night's EndEdit

Night couldn't of been happier about being reborn, shortly after pretty much "ending" the village he ran off back to his Father's place. When Night arrives he finds his Father, still breathing, but accompanied by a masked individual. Below is a conversation between them both.

"Konichiwa Tile, I'm glad you finally arrived". Raven remarks as he makes his way towards Tenkai.

"Who are you, answer me... NOW"! Night angers.

"The Scourge, a Shadow or even a Raven, call me what you like but I however didnot come here for chit-chat i've come to kill you". Raven chuckles as he proceeds to stand on Tenkai's neck, breaking it.

"I have no idea who you are, but if your looking to die then fine". Tile barks.

"Foolish, like your Father. And just like him in so many other ways too"! Raven whispers.

"What do you mean"? Night asks questioniably as the final line catches his attention.

Raven then shoots him in the head.

"Put to Rest...I knew how you felt, Night... like I once did, Sayanora".

Personality Edit

Raven rarely shows remorse for his actions and if he does it usually something from his past that makes him feel guilty for his actions. It seems he had some feelings for his older brother Vincent and regrets he wasn't there to save him.


Raven wears a tattered trenchcoat along with a lightly armoured turtleneck underneath. He also uses a gas mask when in combat.

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