1990 September 27th

Dear Diary

Today was my birthday, finally 11 years old. It's goanna take a while to get used to that i can tell ya'. I told Dad but didn't seem to care as usual, he just shrugged and said So. Can't say i'm surprised really. I brought some Manga today, Dragon Ball, the Clerk recomended it. From little chance i've had to read, it isn't half bad.

1990 November 10th

Dear Diary

Dad came into my room today and asked about the small hole in the garden and dirt outside, I apolagised and told him that its from an Old Gas Mask i'd dug up. He pulled a chain out of his pocket and struck me across the face with it and then continued to strike my back when i stumbled over out of shock. I was in tears by the time he'd stopped, he put it back in his pocket and ordered me to clean the mess up outside. This isn't the first time he's beaten me either, but this time it seemed like he enjoyed and asif he's looking for an excuse to hit me!