Random Umbrella Employee
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Gender male
Height Unknown
Race/Ethnicity Unknown
Occupation Employed by Umbrella
Marital status Unknown (Probably)
Relative(s) Mother, Father
Status Alive

"I'm going to get some coffee"... - The Random Umbrella Employee

The 'Random Umbrella Employee' is an unspecified individual employed by the Umbrella Corporation. He is an enigma to much of the world - save his friends and co-workers. His superior is also unknown, though it is assumed to be Ozwell E. Spencer, like all Umbrella employees.

According to Spencer, he was the designer for many of the puzzle-like mechanisms and traps located throughout many of Umbrella's facilities. George Trevor did not create any of the 'incredibly sophisticated' puzzles that were incorporated into the Arklay Mansion - rather, it was the Random Umbrella Employee.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

He wears cloths which are primarily black; though nil information is avaliable as to his preferred style of clothing, merely their colouration. However, it is known that he carries an umbrella, most commonly when it is raining. It is quite liable that this Umbrella is also used to advertise the company at which he works. He apparently has an insatiable desire to drink coffee in the mornings, and a habit of frequently using the bathroom at the baffling amount of three-five times a day; it is theoried that he suffers from excessive bowel problems.

His manner of speech is quite strange, as shown by the quote above. The astoundingly uninteresting nature of the quote make it quite difficult to pinpoint any signature vocabulary or manner of speech he utilises. It is speculated by numerous experts that he is an office worker in the New York branch of Umbrella; some, however, dispute this, instead theorising that his rank is second only to Lord Spencer himself, the co-founder of the corporation. His contributions to Umbrella facilities, however, imply that his position must indeed hold a great deal of power when considering the zealous obsession Umbrella has with puzzles over human-life; which is perfectly normal, obviously.

The Random Umbrella Employee exhibits mannerisms that are so uninteresting and ordinary so as to pertain to no particular characteristics, and thus any attempt to describe his personality would be meaningless and redundant.

Like everything else owned by Umbrella Ink, a self destruct mechanism was likely planted within his body when upon his recruitment.


  • He's the most mysterious entity in the Resident Evil universe, both Canon and Fanfiction.
  • In a rare interview with a low-budget local paper, the Random Umbrella Employee showed support for a local sports team. In the same article, he was pictured with the team's logo on his umbrella.
    • The picture which is mentioned, it should be made known, was only an artist's depiction of what he may have looked like, and is therefore not reflective of the Employee's true appearance