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Before November 1997
Created via:T-Lyssa Virus

The Raggers are humans injected by the T-Lyssa Virus and altered through rage.

Mutation VariantsEdit

Name Description
Tanker This variant is a creature with tough armored body and incredible strength. It was encountered by Claire and Moira followed by Barry and Natalia on Sushestovanie Island. It was also encountered by Chris and Piers in Edonia and Lanshiang. Grant also encountered it in Lanshiang.
Speedster This variant is a creature with all of its muscle tissue exposed, move at accelerated speed and secretes a gas from its body that impairs the vision of any animal in its vicinity, and uses this advantage to stealthily approach and attack prey without warning. It was encountered by Leon and Helena in the Tall Oaks Cemetery.
Hunter This variant is a reptilian-like creature with large claws and teeth, and are noted for their loud shriek. It was encountered by Chris, Piers and Grant in Lanshiang.
Licker This variant is a creature is deadly, more agile than hunters, and adhered to walls and ceilings like a spider. It was encountered by Grant in Lanshiang followed by Jake and Sherry.
Bloater This variant is a creature with a big swollen head that explodes releasing a substance capable of blinding people. It was encountered by Ada on top of the Quad Tower in Lanshiang.