Pure Drawnel
Created 2013
Created By Mecka night
Creation Implanting of Drawnel virus
Based Unknown
Height/Length 7.5ft
Purpose Unknown
Status Active

The Pure Drawnel are the most powerful and strongest creatures created by Mecka Night. However, due to massive amount of virus being needed to create them and to force the host to mutate into this creature, there are under 10 in exsistance. They are also one of the most smartest creatures created by Mecka night, as they are able to take orders and use weapons. They also have very well adapted vocal cords, which allow them to speak to an extent of understanding. The Pure Drawnel was the first creature ever created by Mecka Night's Drawnel virus, hence the name.

Role in Resident Evil Drawnels sourceEdit

Pure Drawnel are very varely seen in game. However though, when encounted they can be seen leading groups of lower Drawnel, they are also seen (outside of the game) acompying Mecka Night, presumably as his bodyguards of sorts. Only 3 Pure Drawnel are ever fought in the game, due to there very vare frequency. When they are fought though, they can often kill the player in one hit if they are on caution.

Other DrawnelEdit


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