"How many of those, things, did you create?"

"Enough to create an army if need be."

"What are they used for."

"Experimentation mainly. Jason was very adimant about not testing on humans."

"So he decided to break another natural law and make thousands of clones."

"They're not clones. Replication involves the creation of an entirely new genome while cloning creates a copy of the base organism."

"Still sounds a lot like cloning to me."

Richard and Patricia on Project Replica after passing a holding room for the test subjects.


Using advanced gene splicing techniques, Project Replica allows Gene Tech to create hundreds of thousands of perfect test subjects for their various experiments. Project Replica was initiated in an attempt to have an ample amount of test subjects for the various Tyrant Beta and later AG, AGES and Zeus Virus experiments that the company was conducting. With the knowledge of the Tyrant Virus workings fresh in their mind, Gene Tech perfected a way of rapidly aging humans by sending the metabolic rate in overdrive, allowing an infant to age into adulthood and finally death within weeks. This prevented brain development so the team developed a way of linking the brain to a computer to allow it to "develop."

With this system now developed, Gene Tech began to develop a suitable genome for experimentation. Due to the limitations of the Tyrant and later Tyrant Beta Virus, Gene Tech knew that this genome would have to be able to accept the virus allowing for experimentation. When this was done, the first replica was developed and showed positive reactions to the Tyrant Beta Virus, producing NT-05, the first true Neo Tyrant.


Project Replica was subsequently used to mass produce humans for experimentation and later Tyrant development. This is advantageous (for Gene Tech) in that Tyrants and other VIEWs can be developed quickly, rather than waiting for years to produce one. This also allowed the fresh out of the batch Tyrant (or other model) to be completely programed and later sold to anyone cheaply and efficiently. This allows for Gene Tech, should the situation demand, to crank out huge number of weapons for it's main client, the United States of America and her military.

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