"Cant believe this thing survived Racoon City"

"It didnt just survive, our tests have shown cell replication, regeneration even increased mass and brain activity"

"Your telling me its growing?"

"No our friend here is evolving, his blood alone is the next step in viral research"

To lab techs discussing Project Pheonix

Project Pheonix is the code name for a mutant that survived the destruction of Racoon city in Resident Evil Apocalypse and whose blood is the source of the new and dangerous mutants that hunt Alice and her friends.


Like most creatures of the Umbrella Coperation Project Pheonix posess several forms but rather than leading to more mutations these forms actualy become more stable and are a part of the creature's regeneration prosess.

First FormEdit

The initial form recovered from Racoon city was nothing more than a mass of mutated tumerous flesh covered in bone spikes and tentacles and a large eye. It attacks anyone who comes near it and feed by absorbing nutrients through its skin of provided food or anything it captures. It grows larger each time if feed untill it rakes up half a prison cell.

Second FormEdit

The form encountered in Resident Evil Resurection. After growing for several months the first form turns into a cocoon that stands about 8ft in height. Anchored to its cell by fleshy membranes the cocoon has a large eye on either side that watches for threats. Umbrella uses mechanical arms to extract blood from it because the ten tentacles on the cocoon have killed several scientists who got to close to the creature. If one observes the creature you can ocasionaly see movement inside from the final form.

Final FormEdit

Appearing at the end of Resurection after Alice thinks she has destoyed the second form. It has the appearace of a human male with shoulder length brown hair that obscures much of its face save for a pair of intence blue eyes. its most stand out feature ar four retractable purple black tentales on its back that can strangle and grab things. They can also poison a person with venoms secreations in the hairs of the tentacles.