Project Biohazard is an upcoming story based on the video game franchise Resident Evil. It takes place during the summer of 2013 and runs parallel to the events of Resident Evil 6. Project Biohazard will focus characters who were not present during the events of Resident Evil 6 and will follow their struggle for survival against the C-Virus infection. A release date hasn't been announced but the development for the project is currently in the works.


The story is written in a combination of transcript writing and the traditional story telling paragraph form, though most of the story is told in the transcript form of writing.

So far Project Biohazard has two separate stories that will eventually intersect with each other. One side of the story will focus more on the more action/adventure narrative which the more recent Resident Evil games focuses on while the other side will focus more on the survival/horror aspects present in the original Resident Evil titles.


Resident Evil castEdit

Jill Valentine

Sheva Alomar

Barry Burton

C-Virus survivorsEdit


So far only three types of enemies have been confirmed and they include: C-Virus infected zombies, an enhanced version of the Regenerador/Iron Maiden's and the Ubistvo.