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Progenitor Virus A is an advanced stage of the original Progenitor Virus. It is known by many people to be also a benefitial viral agent.


This contagion was created when Albert Wesker and Eve Wesker had their first child name Stephanie Wesker. Stephanie was the first ever carrier and progenitor of the virus, however it didn't manifest itself until age 5, however it can manifest itself whenever it decides. The virus is also similar to the Progenitor Virus, mostly in powers and abilities.


The virus' benefits are something to not go amiss because like the original virus, it allows the carrier to possess superhuman speed, strength, stamina, endurance, agility, reflexes and even healing. The main powers of the contagion are known to be slightly enhanced and sometimes other abilities will manifest themselves over time. The carrier also possesses either longevity or immortality, however the progenitors and their mates are known to possess immortality. The virus also can resist other types of disease as well and each person infected have heightened senses.


Weapons that are energy or explosive in nature are known to be very effective against anyone infected by the disease, however the only ones that can be killed are the common carriers, the progenitors need time before they can fully heal. Also they are known to be vulnerable to night vision as well and can be blinded for either 1 or 2 hours.

Progenitors & CarriersEdit


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