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Ammunition Type: Standard AK-47 Ammunition Modified with Brass Casing And Minute Explosive capabilities
Feed System: Standard
Type: Automatic Rifle
custom(?): Yes

Created For Alexander Morgaine It Is A Brass Plated Model Of An AK-47 With the alteration of its Ammo as it is now explosive to a minute extent. Much Like Its Brother Wrath-One another Difference is Its Engraving. A Masterful Use Of Caligraphy To Portray The Word "Pride".

Called Pride For The Evident Pride In Its User. Proud In Its Unique Power


There Are Two In Existance Both In Possesion Of Alexander Morgaine's Personal Body Gaurds Created By The Same Black Market Arms Dealer As The Others, It Is A Special Edition As It was Secretly Reproduced Without The Name Wrath. Instead Named The A-91B

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